Festival contre le racisme 2018 @ FU Berlin

Between 12.-14. June 2018 together with the AStA FU we are hosting the “festival contre le racisme” (FCLR) at the campus of “Freie Universität” in Berlin. For the duration of three days the festival brings up topics that are critical of racism and authority. It shall also invite to a debate about the existing conditions. The programm consists of workshops, film screenings, lectures and discussions. There will also be two exhibitions at the FU and a guided tour that takes place at the Bode-Museum. A big open-air concert at the campus will be the closing ceremony of the festival.
Why fclr 2018?
Racism has broad support in the German society, which is not only expressed by the AfD being opposition leader in the Bundestag. There are also violent criminals in the streets who frighten people that are generally perceived as “alien”, like someone who recently has beaten a jew using a belt. Moreover members of the “New Right” mobilize throughout Europe for a mass rally that takes place at the 27.05. in Berlin.
While Germany recently admitted a “racism-problem” within the country at the UN Human Rights Council, Alexander Dobrindt questions by his actions whether refugees have civil rights. At the FU those miserable conditions manifest themselves by the fact that the Henry-Ford-Bau is still named after an anti-Semite who was admired by Hitler. Moreover there is still no official and active commemoration for the murdered student Mahmud Azhar at the FU.
The festival contre le racisme 2018 is only able to offer opposition to these conditions by encouraging attendees to think and act critically.
Considering that right-wing ideologies and racism are widely spread, the fclr’s program is multi-layered. This year the festival has no substantial focus although it is always accompanied by the question “What can I do against racism and oppression?” The final free of charge open-air concert at the 14.06. shall provide the opportunity to enjoy good music, to dance and get into conversation with anti-racist initiatives while being free of discrimination. 
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