Monday 4th June

Filmscreening: Mayne Wende 
@ F.A.Q. (Jonasstraße 40), Entry 7 pm
„(…)the reunited Germany/
celebrate itself again 1990/
without immigrants’ refugees/
Jewish and Black people…/
it celebrates in intimate circle/
it celebrates in white//
but it is a blues in blackwhite/
it is a blues (…)”
What May Ayim, Afro-German artist from Berlin, describes in her poem „blues in schwarz weiß” („blues in black white”), is the in a growing extent outcropping racism at the time of the so called inner-German Wende. In the film „MAYNE WENDE – Perspektiven schwarzer Frauen* auf DDR und Wende“ (MAYNE WENDE – perspectives of black women* on the GDR and Wende), black women from the GDR tell about their experiences of growing up in the GDR; about emigration and staying there, about seeing the fall of the wall and being part of the Wende. There are stories that vary between colourful childhood memories, a FDJ-youth and the confrontation with all-day racism in the GDR. Stories, which make the spirit of optimism at the time of the Wende 1989/90 and at the same time the hateful racism after the fall of the wall a subject of discussion. There is not only one but a number of narratives of the GDR and the Wende. All of them should be made audible and visible.
The documentary film resulted from a seminar about the introduction of the postcolonial theory at the department of political and social science. It is a production from Rut-Lina Goncalves-Schenck, Farhiya Hassan and Charlotte Cremer Jauregui.